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4 Months in Cocoa Village!

It's been a little over 4 months since I moved in to my new studio in Cocoa Village, and I have to say WOW.

The work that has been coming out of my studio is feeding my photography soul. I am in heaven crafting these gorgeous sets, and spending time snuggling these babies. It may not seem like it from the outside, but it was a HARD decision to pull the trigger on getting this space. We had just finished redoing a room in our home to be my in-home studio, and it was great, but space was limited, and due to COVID many clients no longer wanted to take part in sessions in someone's home, which was completely understandable to me.

Being able to have a commercial space where all of my photography gear and props can live has been so amazing. And now that I have the space to store them, the props collection is growing and growing! If you've followed my work for a while, you'll know I love making things myself to include in my sets, and now I can combine those things with the many new high quality newborn props that have recently arrived. Being able to offer unique sets and themes that are specific to my studio is something I am really excited for, and not just for newborns, but cake smashes too!

While sessions are actively taking place and booking (newborn sessions currently booked into September, send me a note asap for availability if you're considering booking!) I still am "moving in" to the space and have lengthy to-do list before I photograph it and share. But that post will be coming, hopefully within a few months!

I've said it before, but I will say it again. I am SO appreciative of every session that has taken place in the studio so far. That saying people say, something like "when you buy from a small business a real person does a happy dance" is SO beyond true.

One last thing I want to share, is how much I love Cocoa Village. I'm not a Florida native, although my husband was raised here. But I have always harbored a love for Cocoa Village ever since I moved here in 2015. Getting a studio was one thing, but getting a studio in Cocoa Village seriously next-leveled this step for me. I adore the shops, the people, and the many events that take place here and am so happy to have found such a great community to let my business flourish in.

Thanks for listening!


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