Baby K - Newborn

Momma to-be Britny's maternity photos were some of my favorites, and I was so excited when she asked me back to do some in home newborn photos when baby Kiera came home!

I had not had the opportunity to do many newborn portraits, but I am equipped with a portable newborn posing set-up so that I can come to you and shoot in the comfort of your home. This session was a mix of posed and lifestyle newborn photos, because I think if you have the opportunity to do both you definitely should! Look soon on my site for my new Maternity/Newborn page for a specific offering on this type of session!

Baby Kiera was an absolute sweetheart during the time I spent with her, I'm not sure if I heard one cry out of her!

I could not believe how many eyelashes Kiera had. I remember waiting for what seemed like forever for my baby's eyelashes to come in, and Kiera was born with not only gorgeous lashes, but a beautiful full head of hair as well.

One of the benefits of the portable newborn stand is that is allows me to set up simple newborn poses that I can then use to composite the photos into gorgeous newborn setups. It's such a stress free way to get a few of these portraits for parents without having to worry about props and elaborate setups while posing the baby (although to be honest if I had the studio space to do those I absolutely would!)

Welcome to the world Kiera!

If you're a photographer and you're wondering what my portable posing stand looks like, you can check it out here!

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