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Extended Family

Every now and then I get an extended family session that comes my way, and this one was a great one! This was actually also my last session I had before I went on a shooting hiatus (state enforced) due to COVID restrictions. So it's been a little while since I actually did this session, but I thought it would be a great one to share for variety in the blog!

The beach never disappoints me, and it was a great place for this family to come together and commemorate this trip as they were visiting from out of state! The kids were pros at smiling for the camera. We also took advantage of a small area of greenery to begin the session, and the setting sun lit up the foliage so brightly and beautifully.

Each family unit got their own photos, and we took the kids to the sand to get individual and sibling portraits.

Extended family sessions can sometimes be stressful trying to navigate with so many people, and not wanting to forget any poses or specific group ensembles, but this group was so great to work with!

And of course we got the whole group shot as well!


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