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First newborn in the new studio!

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

I am so happy to finally be able to say it - I had my first newborn session in the new studio! While this was definitely not my first newborn ever, it was a huge milestone for me. This studio has been in the works for about a year now, and had originally been planned to open up in March/April of 2020 - but we all know what a bump in the road we got at that time! In light of the government mandated shutdowns and the transition to e-learning for my stepson, we turned my partially completed studio into a working from home space and e-learning space for my family. I was completely bummed that I wasn't diving in to newborns sessions at that time, but we went with what the world threw at us, and I patiently waited to have my studio back and complete the transformation.

With all the extra time I had to wait to open this place up, I used it to start crafting and creating (with some help from my husband) hand made items for these sessions. I love the idea that the majority of my props, wraps, and bonnets are handmade, unique, and specific to my studio. Thankfully with my husbands woodworking tools and my innate love of crochet (and now knitting too!) this is possible!

Baby Braxden was the perfect model. He slept nearly the entire session, and was so content that we got through even more sets than I had hoped.

I'm so excited for these next steps into studio newborns, and I may be planning some more model sessions soon. So if you're an expecting mom - keep a look out here and follow my page for updates!!


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