Davina's Great Escape

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

I attended a shower recently for a friend and coworker, and I of course offered to take photos of the event! The theme was one I had not ever seen before, and it was just too good to not share here on the blog! The mother to be was a fan of Escape Rooms, you know, the rooms you can pay to get locked in and have to solve puzzles in order to get out? So, only fitting that her baby shower be the....wait for it....


You have to admit, that is pretty darn clever!

The mother to be also loves donuts, so in lieu of a cake, what's better than delicious lettered donuts??

The theme was not just a theme either, as the guests in fact did undertake a quest involving a series of well thought out puzzles, ultimately leading to the opening of the first gift. If you need a new baby shower theme, look no further because this was so much fun!

How did they plan the puzzles you ask? Well, of course Etsy has everything you can imagine, so you can actually purchase a well thought out escape room game for your next very own "Escape Womb" baby shower right here!

My other favorite activity was Davina's first ABC book that all of the guests had a part in making. Each guest colored in an alphabet page, and each will be scanned and made into a book! I loved this idea and had not seen it before at any other baby showers that I've attended.

After the game was complete, we snuck in some portraits outside as well. I'm so excited for these two! After having a baby myself last year the excitement I feel for other couples when they are expecting is tenfold what it used to be!

Congrats Paige and Chris, little Davina is already so loved!

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