Shane & Wesley

Every now and then, I actually somehow find some time to take photos of my own family. Usually it's never the experience my clients get. When I photograph my own kids it's typically done very last minute, in a rush, and disorganized. Their clothes may not be perfect and planned and their hair may need cut (case in point, Wesley's hair in this session). I have to then also rush through the editing, thinking I'll go back later and do a more finite edit on them, but I rarely get to do so. This is the struggle of being a photographer with a family, or at least, it's my struggle.

One thing I will say is that whenever I look back at my own family images that I take, I often think, "why was I pressing myself so much about these needing another edit, they are great!" And it's actually eye opening for me overall with my work. As a creative person, my work is subjective. And usually its harshest critic is myself. I want to create beautiful images that will be timeless and enjoyed for years, and sometimes I get very caught up in nuances and tiny details, when really I should be appreciating my own progress and growth and style.

But even with all the stress I'm happy to have these photos, and I even got to print them and get some in frames, which is a huge thing I need to work on doing more. This was also a new location that I was trying out, so if you love it and want your own family photos done here shoot me a message by visiting my Contact page! It was a very cloudy day on this day, but with a little sun I think this field would be have a stunning element.

You may also notice that we don't have a photo of all of us together, and that's because I left my tripod at the studio. Sigh. Next time I'll be tapping my friend Grace for her talents to help me with this. Visit her gorgeous work here!


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