Sue & Shane

This blog of about two of my favorite people in my life, and I'm sharing a little story about how we came to be where we are! We have a unique dynamic that some people find hard to believe, but it works for us and I wouldn't have it any other way. To keep it short, Shane is my step-son, and Sue is his mom, and also one of my best friends! *gasp* Don't roll your eyes, I promise it's possible!

I met these two in 2014, when I was still finishing up one more year of graduate school. If you would have told me then what my relationship with them would grow in to, I probably would have been a little skeptical. I've seen a good amount of blended family situations with family and friends, and I know how incredibly delicate that relationship can be.

First, Shane is an absolutely wonderful child. After moving to Florida to be with him and his dad, I knew this was it for me. This was my family, and Shane thankfully accepted and embraced me being in his life. After all, having a strange new person come home one day and never leave can be a huge adjustment for a 5 year old! I'm pretty sure it was my home cooking that won him over :)

I remember being really nervous to meet Sue, and I remember people thinking it was really weird that she and I decided we should get drinks together, just the two of us, to get to know each other. But I am so happy that we did, because it opened the proverbially door! I couldn't tell you exactly when it happened, but then next thing you know, we were talking on the phone, texting, hanging out, and we also pretty frequently have Sue over for dinner with us at our house, which Shane loves.

You're never too old to give your Momma a sea shell!

I know that makes it sound like it happened really fast, but it was gradual over a couple years probably. We've both had our fair share of people raise their eyebrows at us when we tell them about how we get along, but it works for us, and Shane's life is better for it too. I'm so happy with where we are, as a blended family, and as friends. Gushy part over, on to the photos.

Last year we did Sue and Shane's Christmas photos in our neighborhood which has some really nice greenery and a boardwalk, but this year we opted for the beach! I was swooning over Sue in her flowy dress, and I loved the texture of her sweater. Both of her outfits were actually from her favorite little boutique in Indialantic, The Salty Shack. Find them here on Facebook, or here on Instagram!

One of the things I love about these two is how goofy they can get. I can always count on getting a few silly photos from them. Cue the fish faces!

Love you guys!

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