The Newsome Family

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I spent an evening in Indialantic at Melbourne Beach with the Newsome family recently doing an extended family session. This included three family units, plus the grandparents, so we had our work cut out for us. In these types of sessions I always strive to give each family an equal amount of time with the camera, and with little kids sometimes that can be difficult if someone is having a rough day. But the kids in this shoot were an absolute dream to work with! I think we finished these in record time!

I've been loving all of the beach sessions I've been doing lately, and this one did not disappoint! I love the textures of the sand and seaweed, and of course the beautiful ocean.

Working with kids it's usually likely that there's someone who is not going to want to let go of mom or dad to get a photo of just them. But that's life, sometimes kids are scared of the camera, or let's be honest, the complete stranger behind it! I personally love the sweetness in the photos like the one above where the kids are still holding on to mom (or dad!). Someday they might not want to hold your hand anymore, and here it will be captured forever.

We made an effort to get photos of all of the parents by themselves during this session, it's so important to remember to do! A lot of the time the focus is on the kids, and it breaks my heart when we get to the end and parents say "Oh, we don't need a photo of us anyways." I'm here to say you DO need that photo!

Kids will be kids! You can't sit kids on the beach and not expect them to get covered in sand. But I love it! Plus all these kids and nobody threw sand at me, I call that a win!

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