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Under the Sea Cake Smash

There are many cake smash sets that I use that are actually high quality printed backdrops, set to the theme of the client's choosing. These are amazing for me storage-wise since I don't have to house the props myself, just a roll a paper. But every now and then I get a custom request that I just don't find any great backdrops for, so in these cases I craft it all myself!

In this case, most of the under the sea cake smash sets are very girl oriented (in my opinion). Plus, the initial request I got for this was for a softer blue using sea creatures that matched their nursery and there was just nothing available that I felt matched the client's vision. I did an initial set draft in Photoshop for them to review and approve, and then I went straight into production.

This set was so much fun to make, and the session I'm sharing it with was actually my second time using it, which I love being able to do since I spend a lot of time and effort of these custom pieces, and I love getting to see them enjoyed over and over.

Although this image is not on the set, I have to include it because it's so stinking cute. Big sis jumped in for a few photos, and they are sooo cute.

A recent trend with my cake smashes seems to be that many of the kids are not really into the cake. However, we have lots of ways to still get those cakey images. While he didn't really like the cake, he did love the balloon and covered it in cake.

And I'll end it with a quick share of the first time I used this set! He actually love the cake and made an excellent mess of it, which I always love.


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