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What Does A Newborn Session Look Like?

I have really been feeling my newborn session groove lately! And I was thinking on how to best express this in a blog, and what better way than to give a little bit of insight and a peek at how I run a full Package 3 Newborn session! I have been working really hard and perfecting my workflows for newborn sessions this past year, and I'm excited to share about it! This package is the biggest newborn session I offer, and it includes poses on the poser stand (fabric), props, and a family set! All of the images in this blog post are from the same session.

First, I recommend booking your session well in advance. I only take a limited number of newborn sessions per month, and this is due to the fact that I also work an additional job. I have no shame in admitting and sharing this, because it's my truth! I am also an associate architect at a local architecture firm, and have committed years of time and education to that profession. But I also love photography and have ALSO committed time, money, and education to this. Add in my family and kids' sports and I am one busy lady! So when my newborn schedule is full for a month, I truly am full. The best time to book is any time after you've entered your second trimester.

Okay back to the session. If baby arrives nice and sleepy I jump right into the poser stand set. This poser stand set is a simple look, and done using soft fabrics as the backdrop. The colors are chosen based on what my clients tell me they want to be used when they fill out my newborn session prep guide. For this session we used a beautiful green for this baby boy.

I aim to do a minimum of two poses on the fabric, but if baby is super sleepy I will do as many as they allow! The baby runs the show at these sessions, so if they aren't feeling the fabric posing (some babies just don't and that's okay!) I will wrap them up for some wrapped fabric poses. I do take requests from the parents for poses they like, but each baby is so very different, and some do not like certain poses while other do them so easily. In this session shown here baby was soooo good and transitioned from each pose fairly quickly, so were were able to do quite a bit, but every session varies.

And sometimes if I'm lucky, baby will flash a quick smile! I am always so excited to capture these, and this one was particularly good.

The family set is either done at the beginning or the end of the session, depending on client preference. Those families with other littles may want to do the family portion right away so that the siblings can leave with the other parent. These poses include full family shots, parent individuals with baby, and sibling poses with baby.

I have a variety of backdrop colors to choose from, but will typically use dark gray (shown here) or a dark brown because I feel they give the photos more depth.

Sibling photos! These can sometimes be the most difficult photos of the session, especially if the siblings are 3 or under, but trust me when I say I do everything possible to get the shot, and will attempt a variety of poses or techniques to work with the littles.

On to what is typically my favorite portion, the props! I personally curate and style all of the prop sets based on the color requests I get from the parents for each session. I love the variety I get in this part of the session, and it typically goes faster than the fabric portion since baby is usually wrapped and cozy.

I make many of my own props and layers, but I also source a lot of my bigger props from trusted vendors who design these props specifically for newborn photography. I am a big fan of textures and bonnets, and chances are if I use a bonnet on your baby, it's one I made myself.

Similar to the fabric portion, I aim to get at least two different prop set ups, but the more the baby lets me do the better! I will typically prep a number of sets and keep shooting until our time is up based on the package you have selected.

These backlit shots have also become a client favorite, and I love shooting them for maternity sessions as well as newborn!

And that's a wrap on my typical Newborn Package3! After we have completed shooting the session, the next step is to get the clients a Selection Gallery. This is a lightly edited larger gallery that the clients get to choose their final images from. I then do all final edits on their chosen images only, and deliver the final high resolution digitals to them via an online gallery.

If you've made it this far, THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to invest a few moments into my small business. Being someone who is not originally from Brevard County I often find myself working really hard to reach new people. I truly appreciate all of the people that support me by sharing posts, commenting, telling other people about me, viewing my website, and of course by booking sessions! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Are you a photographer? Check out below for links to some of my props used in these photos!


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Mikelle Allaire
Mikelle Allaire
Sep 23, 2021

Beautiful work! I think my favourite is the grey wrap and bonnet.

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