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Why is newborn photography so expensive?

"Why are newborn sessions so expensive?"

This is a question I see asked all of the time in my local mom groups that I'm a part of. I often find myself wishing I had a way to let them know (kindly) that if they are booking with someone who is charging very little for newborn photos, they should ask questions to make sure that they are not only getting a session within their budget, but with someone who is trained and running a legal business. There is definitely a photographer for everyone's budget, but here are a few reasons why newborn photography in particular is not typically a low cost session.

  1. Specialized Skills and Training: A trained and trusted newborn photographer typically undergoes specialized training to handle and pose infants safely. They need to understand the unique challenges of working with newborns, such as their delicate features, unpredictable behavior, and posing safety considerations. Ask your photographer you are considering if they have ever taken any training specific to newborn posing and safety.

  2. Insurance and Legal Considerations: Handling newborns comes with significant responsibility, and these photographers must carry liability insurance. If you are looking to book a newborn photographer, I would personally not book with anyone who could not show you their proof of insurance for their business. This insurance adds to the costs associated with the profession. Ask your photographer you are considering if they have liability insurance, anyone that has it should not hesitate to show you. If they don't wish to show you, that's a red flag.

  3. Time-Consuming: Newborn photo sessions can be lengthy and require a significant amount of time and patience. Photographers often spend several hours on a single session, including set-up, posing, and post-processing.

  4. Specialized Equipment and Props: To capture the best shots, newborn photographers invest in specialized equipment, such as high-quality cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and specialized props created specifically for this purpose. These items can be expensive and contribute to the overall cost of the service.

  5. High Overheads: Many newborn photographers operate from a studio, which incurs overhead costs such as rent, utilities, insurance, and maintenance. These costs are factored into the pricing to sustain the business.

  6. Customization and Personalization: Newborn photography often involves creating unique and personalized images for each family. This may include custom sets, outfits, and props tailored to the client's preferences, adding to the overall cost.

  7. Post-Processing Work: After the photo session, photographers spend additional time editing and retouching images to ensure they meet the high standards expected in newborn photography. This post-processing work is a crucial aspect of the service and contributes to the overall cost.

  8. Limited Availability: Newborn photographers may limit the number of sessions they take on due to the time-intensive nature of their work. This limited availability can increase the perceived value of their services.

  9. Experience and Reputation: Established newborn photographers with a good reputation often charge higher prices. Their experience, skill, and positive reviews contribute to the perceived value of their services.

While newborn photography can be expensive, many parents find it worth the investment to capture precious moments during their baby's earliest days. It's essential for photographers to communicate the value they provide in terms of expertise, safety, and the creation of cherished memories. Having a photographer who can show you a well rounded portfolio of previous work, as well as insurance can give you some comfort in knowing that a trained professional is handling your most precious new addition.


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